Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Votator CR 6 Continuous Emulsifying Mixer 324248

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Votator CR 6 Continuous Emulsifying Mixer 324248

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This simple but unique device mixes, blends, disperses, and whips continuously through the application of some well-recognized characteristics of the centrifugal pump. The Votator® Continuous Mixer is therefore distinct from other types of in-line continuous mixers in that it allows the materials to pass through the zone of inter-meshing pins more than once during their “residence. The mixer's rotor consists of an impeller sandwiched between two discs, with the disc facing the mixer's outlet head solid. The disc faces the vari-drive motor which has openings adjacent to the rotor drive shaft. The discs are provided with pins that mesh well with the pins built into the heads. The following is a partial list of processes for which the Votator® CR Mixer can be used: Emulsification Homogenization Pigment Dispersion Foaming Pre-blending Suspension, Operating Product Pressure up to 300 PSI @ 250 Deg. F. Designed for continuous mixing, whipping, emulsifying of items like cake icing, collagen-fibre, frozen topping and marshmallow. 6-Inch Diameter Impeller 1.5” Inlet with TriClover TriClamp Connection 1.5” Outlet with TriClover TriClamp Connection Stainless Steel Frame (4) Threaded Stainless Steel Leg Levelers US Motors 5.0 HP Drive Motor, 1165 RPM Electrical 208-230/460 Volt, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz


ModelVotator CR 6
Serial Number324248
ManufactuerWaukesha Cherry-Burrell, Seattle WA