About Us

CWR Resources was founded by Chad Rutledge in 1997. At first, we purchased one machine at a time, but as we grew as a company, we purchased complete lines.

In the two decades, we’ve been in business, we’ve found that companies want someone who will come in and do their research and that’s exactly what we do. We take the time to travel to your facility and do our homework.

We can buy your equipment, have it removed, and give you back the space you need to manufacture your products. We strive to add a personal touch to everything we do, knowing that every customer is different. Collaboration with our customers helps us find the best solution for their asset management needs.

What We Do

We mainly buy used packaging and processing equipment from our clients. Our team of experts analyze your needs and help you choose from our catalog of services. Turning your used equipment into assets is our main goal. We would welcome the opportunity to convert your nagging problems into positive experiences, with the ultimate goal of helping you receive the highest possible return on your assets.

In addition to surplus asset sales, we offer services such as auctions and liquidations. Businesses of all sizes can count on us to move and manage used equipment effectively. We pride ourselves on our team of experienced equipment and marketing professionals, who are always looking for a way to maximize your returns.

Boasting over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve built a reputation of trustworthiness and reliability. We value all our clients – that’s why we focus on delivering tailor-made experiences. Your goals are just as important to us as our own business goals. We work tirelessly to meet them, as we’re very respectful of your vision. 

If you are seeking a stress-free, professional, and prompt working relationship, we are the right place for you. Whatever service you need, we have the team, expertise, and tools to make it happen. Get in touch with us today to learn how we intend to alleviate your asset management problems. 

Why Choose Us

We’ll save you storage space

Storing many pieces of equipment you no longer use can cost you heavily. Most of the pieces lying around your storage facility may be huge and cumbersome, so they may be consuming too much space in your facility. 

Being a smart business owner, you know that processing equipment should be stored in climate-controlled environments. This secure storage may add a few hundred dollars to your monthly expenses.

It does not make sense to pay for the storage of packaging and processing assets that are no longer in use. By allowing us to store these assets, you’re freeing up some valuable space and reducing storage costs. You’re also able to store another, a more valuable asset, in the new-found space. 

Holding on to assets you won’t be using in the future presents some challenges, in comparison with using asset recovery to increase space.

The average cost of warehouse space was between $5.80 and $6.50 per square foot, according to a 2018 study. Other worrying reports are emerging, which indicate that the cost of building a new US warehouse is rising dramatically. Considering these two factors, then storing unused equipment appears to be an unhealthy financial decision, possibly costing you thousands of dollars.

In addition to getting rid of expensive assets, you are increasing the profitability of your company by eliminating high potential costs. Choose our asset management services to reduce your company costs and to make more profit.

We’ll save you maintenance costs

You may already know that equipment no longer in service still requires maintenance. That is unless you do not care about your asset slowly depreciating and/or becoming damaged. You will likely need to get a professional to check your asset regularly, incurring extra costs. Likewise, paying for the maintenance of excess assets may result in unnecessary expenses. 

MRO labor costs currently stand at $56 per hour. In addition to normal equipment maintenance costs, labor costs are incurred for each hour the professional is checking your assets. These costs can increase rapidly, depending on the assets involved, and can wind up costing you a lot of money. By engaging our asset management services, you could potentially get rid of this maintenance expense entirely and allow your maintenance personnel to focus on more valuable assets that you use regularly.

You’ll get some tax benefits 

Selling surplus equipment comes with tax advantages that may benefit your company in several ways. Although you must report profits from the sale of used assets as business income, surplus goods may be eligible for tax advantages that many business owners are unaware of. For instance, let’s say you sell an asset for less than its book value. You can take a tax deduction for the difference. Getting lower prices to book values is a common phenomenon in the asset management industry.

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